Sunday, August 31, 2008

What's On Your Mind?

This is the last day of August and so ends the 31 Sultry Scarlet Nights. Today I'd like to open the blog up to everyone and make it a free for all.

What's going on with your life, your writing, whatever? Let us know.



Kaye Manro said...

It does seem fitting that on the last day of Sultry Scarlet Nights I should be the first one here to comment, since I was the first one to comment on the first day!

My life is hectic, like most writers, I would guess. Aside from writing and blogging, I have a background in journalism and work in the chaotic world of PR and Media. So it's hardly ever quiet in my world.

I escape into my own writing by creating complex worlds in which my characters exist. I like to excape into other writers stories as well. But the truth is, it is always two-fold for me. I read for pleasure, and also to see what is selling best out there. I guess that comes from my background.

Anyway, I've so enjoyed being here and commenting on this blog this month. I hope it will continue long after the contest, and we will all still visit and add comments.

Thanks to all the writers who blogged and especially to Diana for hosting.

Anonymous said...

im busy with law school, and my kids we also home school. my middle son is going to college on wed. i dont know who is more nervous me or c

all the writers gl with your stories and all the readers gl with reading


Tessa Rae said...

I'm just getting back to my routine after kiddo's summer break. I didn't do much writing over the summer. Yikes!

I am looking forward to edits for my newest story, VERTICAL CLIMAX. No, it's not about mountain climbing!

Nice Girls Play Naughty!

Lyn said...

I've enjoyed this month - thank you Diana for hosting it.

As with everyone else it is way too busy in my life. My two youngest started college two weeks ago - so that makes three in now. Empty nest syndrome is in full swing.

My job keeps me way too busy and frustrates me because it keeps me away from my writing. I am determined to get this next WIP completed and submitted. I have a good feeling about it and my crit group has been very encouraing.

Happy Labor Day to you all, and those in Gustav's path - stay safe.


TamiC said...

My life is kind of crappy right now. My grandpa was diagnosed with cancer in pretty much his entire body, he was given at the most 3-5 months. It has already been 1 and everyday he gets weaker and weaker. Watching him go through this is agnozing, he is constantly in pain. He celebrated his 85th birthday on the 19th, so we are all thankful for that. He is trying to stick around until November 23rd when he will celebrate 64 years of marriage to my grandmother. So if you all could pray for that I would be so greatful. He has some wonderful stories to tell, and it is so hard to get them into this alotted time we have with him. My other grandpa's health is failing also. He has parkinson and lewy dementia. So everyday is a struggle with him as well. Besides all that my family is even closer and stronger now.