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Johnny Loves Krissy by KyAnn Waters

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Johnny Loves Krissy
Copyright KyAnn Waters
All Rights Reserved, The Wild Rose Press
Erotic Contemporary
The Wilder Roses
e-book novel $6.00
rated double rose

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Kristina Taylor's biological clock just went off. She has endometriosis. Now “who's your baby's daddy” just took on a completely new meaning. A brilliant plan for conception includes her hot best friend Johnny

Knock her up? Krissy has to be crazy. Or is she? Johnny has loved her since high school. Her plan might not include life after baby. His does. But how is he going to show her how good they can be together with all her rules--no kissing, no touching, no caressing. He can make love to her, but she's determined not to enjoy it. To hell with that and to hell with her rules. He's determined to show her friendship is the best foundation for a relationship.

But there are always complications. ..

With Johnny, Krissy is afraid to look to the future. Right now, she can't get enough of the present, and she dreads the thought of losing what she's had with him in the past. Huston. Taking him to bed won't be a hardship--if she can only get him to play by her rules. After all, she wants to maintain their friendship. Not easy if he ends up being the best sex of her life.


"Our baby," she whispered with awe and wonder discernable in her voice. "Is this really happening?"

Her eyes filled with tears. Johnny set the frying pan on the stove and pulled her out of the kitchen chair and into his arms. "Scary when it finally becomes real, isn't it?" He stroked her back. He felt her head nod against his chest. Then she went rigid and pushed against him. "What?"

"We have bigger problems." She took two retreating steps. "The when, where and how."

"Pardon me?"

"I don't want some magical date etched into my mind reminding me of the day we conceived our baby. Where are we actually going to have sex? Not my bed. I'm not going to remember us every time I crawl beneath the covers. Not your bed either. I don't want you thinking about me when you go to sleep."

Good thing she wasn't in his head. He'd already taken her to his bed hundreds of times. In his dreams. "The where won't matter. You and I both know we'll never forget."

"As for the when, I'm ready when you are." Krissy put her hands on her hips. "Actually, I should rephrase that. I'll be ready after you make breakfast and we eat. If we can decide where, then we can do it tonight. We just need to think of sex as the first step in a series of steps to reach the desired conclusion of having a baby."

As if he could just forget he'd be making love while Krissy only thought of their being together as a means to an end. "At least we don't need to discuss the how."

"Actually, I think we do."

Johnny nearly crushed the egg he was holding in his hand instead of cracking it into the frying pan. He looked over his shoulder and cocked an eyebrow. Krissy sat at the table again with a serious look on her face, not a trace of humor in the straight line of her mouth. "I'm capable."

She rolled her eyes. "We both know what happens in relationships when one falls hard and not the other. That can't happen to us. So we need rules about the how." She held up one finger. "No kissing. That includes oral. I'm not sucking your dick."

"What if I need help getting an erection? You won't be my fluff girl?"

She pursed her lips. "I'll get you a Viagra."

Her mouth turned up on the left and he weakened. "Okay, let me hear the rest of your rules."

"No caressing. I know you're an ass man. Mine is off limits. No touching outside of what is absolutely necessary. No grabbing hair."

"Are your tits off limits, too?"

Her eyes narrowed. "Yes."

Laughter rolled from deep within his chest. Unbelievable. His dreams had come true and then morphed into his worst nightmare. He could make love to Krissy, but by god, he wasn't allowed to enjoy it.

"If you make me come, I'll clobber you the minute you get off of me. I don't want you to be good."

Did she read minds now? "I can't control whether it's good or not."

"Yes, you can! Just get on, come, and get off. Hopefully, we'll only have to fuck once."

"Do I get to enjoy myself at all or is that against the rules as well?" Johnny flipped the eggs in the pan, then snatched the bread off the top of the refrigerator. He needed to calm down. Krissy's unrealistic ideal situation was a long way from his.

"Of course." She stood and poured them coffee. "You have to enjoy sex in order to reach orgasm. How else am I going to get pregnant? Coming is ejaculation. I don't suppose you're a premature ejaculator. The faster the better."

Erotic Romance Author
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New Review for Banished Scoundrel

Check out my latest review at Joyfully Reviewed
Reviewed by Klarissa

Banished Scoundrel is a story about adventure and a mission that returns more than what the hero ever hoped to gain. True love. Noelani and Jack are perfect characters that when brought together steam rises from the pages. Anita Philmar created a unique story with captivating characters and with emotion that will pull you in.

Joyfully Reviewed

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What makes a modern hero hunky?

Are my heroes what today’s women want? Do you like a man who is assertive, intelligent, funny, wealthy, or laid back? Some or all of the above? Take a poll and help me out. If your choice is not listed or if you want to clarify your choices, be sure to leave a comment in the postings.

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The Perfect Hero

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The perfect hero.

If I were to create the perfect hero, I’d model him after actor Gerard Butler. I’d need to call him something else, obviously, which is fine by me as I’ve never been a fan of the name “Gerard.” I like the last name though. His first name would be something with hard consonants like Colton or Jake or Mick. I’ll go with JAKE BUTLER.

Jake grew up in Scotland, and has a dual citizenship with the U.S., so he travels back and forth often. He was raised by a single mom with two older siblings. As the youngest child, Jake grew up getting what he wanted when he wanted it. That hasn’t changed. He still gets what he wants when he wants it. Including women.

Jake is a smart guy. In fact, in law school he was president of the school’s law society due to his intelligence, social skills and charm. He used his smarts and charm to work his way up the ladder in his law firm.

Jake’s not only smart, rich and successful, he’s also a nice guy. Once when hiking along the banks of a river, he heard the shouts of a woman nearby whose son was flailing in the water. Without a thought to his own safety, Jake dove in and saved the boy from certain drowning.

From the outside looking in, Jake seems to have it all. His life appears "egg"ceptional. But inside, something’s missing. He decides to take a leave of absence, sell his high-rise penthouse and travel the world for that elusive missing something.

What kind of woman could be the missing link in this hero’s life?

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