Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stockings or Skin?

Stockings or Skin?

Times like this made cramming into a downtown Manhattan pub on a Saturday night worthwhile. Johnny Aklin took a long pull on his cigarette and arched in his chair to get a better look. Sleek, strong, and of course they went on for miles, he observed when they strutted through the door balanced elegantly on three-inch fire engine-red stilettos. Christ, a man could lose himself in legs like those.
Beyond the screaming guitar from the sound system and the laughter that boomed with a crowd of two-twenty he imagined the click of those heels against the golden oak hardwood as they made their way from the entrance to the single empty stool at the bar.
Smooth. Those legs were smooth.
He imagined his lips coasting up them from delicate ankle to slender inner thigh. Then they crossed themselves in that slow, tantalizing, brutally erotic look at me fashion. His blood caught flames and he reached for his glass. Certainly, those legs were made for his hands. He let the scotch roll over his tongue before he swallowed then yanked his tie loose and wondered…stockings or skin?
As an author of erotic romance, I’m highly interested in what appeals to the opposite sex. It’s always been up for debate. It could take place around the poker table, at a boy’s night out at the local pub after a baseball game or silently in the mind of your lover while he watches you in evening ritual stroking apricot lotion from ankle to hip. There’s no getting around it ladies, men will forever love legs. We’ve already established this but does your man have a preference on Stockings vs Skin?
Mine has a weakness for garter-belts—as most men probably do. On several occasions, I’ve heard him complain that the invention of the full pantyhose has made the use for garters obsolete when in the past with the thigh-high stockings they were absolute necessity. So for him, he would choose thigh-highs over skin but skin over full hose. He’s a complex character, isn’t he?
Personally, I love stockings of all kind. From the moment the nylon touches my toes, slides up my calf and hugs my thighs, I feel empowered, sexy and ready to take on the world. It could be I’m heading out for a night on the town, a romantic dinner or I’m just scooting over to the mall in need of new skirts to join my already immense wardrobe. Regardless of where I am or what I’m doing, when I’m in a pair of stockings I feel damn good about myself.
How about you, do you have a preference? Is there a reason you would choose one over the other?

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Anonymous said...

i love stockings if i ladder one i only have to replace one.
im a big lady and getting tights on is a job and ahalf lol


Helen Hardt said...

Skin all the way, baby! I can't stand pantyhose. Stockings are better (and yes, very sexy) but there's nothing quite like skin. I love the sensation of a long, flowing skirt rippling over my bare legs.


CrystalGB said...

I prefer skin. I hate the way stockings feel on my legs.

DawnM said...

Used to love stockings, I'd get several pairs all the same so when I laddered one I'd have easy replacements. Much more economical. Unfortunately they aren't that comfortable now I'm somewhat wider. So I tend to make do with popsox.
Plus there's nothing quite like going upstairs in front of a guy when you're wearing a pencil skirt with a nice back slit.

TamiC said...

Okay well I only wear skirts or dresses like 3 times a year if that! When I do I wear pantyhose unless its the summer then smooth legs with lotion so legs look like silk. Now for in the bedroom STOCKINGS!! How sexy is that when your guy takes them off with his teeth or hands or hell just leaves them on!

Anonymous said...

I hate wearing stockings and feeling confined. I like it when I can get my legs nice and smooth, silky...:D

Kaye Manro said...

I'm a natural, so I love the feel of skin on skin...

This is a great visual passage, by the way, Rynne. Very sexy!

Tessa Rae said...

I love the natural feel. I honestly don't remember the last time I wore stockings.


Nice Girls Play Naughty!

Pat said...

stockings If you snag one you don't have to replace it. also it quicker to take them off as it is so hot here. And with stockings you don't have elisti to go bad.

Kealie Shay said...

I have to say, your DH and my DH are kindred spirits. He loves it when I wear a garter belt, but during the summer it is so hot here that I can't bring myself to wear them.

Personally, I love the way stockings and a garter belt make me feel. The subtle brush of my skirt or slacks against that small patch of exposed skin as I move through my day is an incredibly sensual experience. Plus, there is nothing better than the surprised arousal of a man when he sees, or thinks he sees, that flash of garter strap as your skirt slides open. I love lingerie.

Rynne Raines said...

I agree Kealie! When I'm out in public wearing a garter it's like some little secret that gives me the giggles. I know, it's silly but I'm always thinking...hmm, can anyone tell?

Barbara Edwards said...

I wear stockings with a garter belt. When I was dating, this seemed to be a major turnon for men. Now that I'm married, my husband loves to run his hand up to bare skin. Hmm. Enough said.

Sky said...

Must say I'm a skin girl all the way, never could get those pantyhose to feel just right. Stockings? Heck ya! My husband likes whatever I choose just as long as they're beneath a short skirt and high heels (lucky him, he doesn't have to walk in them!) Happy blogging to you Rynne!

Sky P.

Caffey said...

Oh, it really depends on the weather with this. Here we get a cold winter and I had loved wearing stockings so good and warming for outside (tights!) and being able to wear a longer skirt in the winter. In the summer tho, I love when I wore the summer dresses without the stockings. So one thing is the weather but too its the occasion because even though I might not want to wear the stockings, I had to for those meetings and the like.
Since I love the winters, I probably if had a choice and always winter, it would be the tights all the way!

Cheryl said...

Hey Raines, I thought I would wander out here and lend my support to the cause. LOL! I only wear hose if I am forced to. I have a whole drawer of unopened packages from when I worked outside the house, but now they just keep the sachet warm. Nothing feels like better than skin.


L. Rosario said...

I actually asked my husband once if he preferred stockings over bare legs and he said he prefers me naked but stockings are certainly fun and sexy from time to time - lol

Anonymous said...

I like garters too, but they're just not what I'd want every single day. . .I think the best is a good balance between bare leg and stockings with garters. Pantyhose are only good to me in those frenzied, passionate situations where there's no time to take them off, only enough time to rip a hole in them for access before pinning a lady against a wall or bending them over a desk. . .but I digress.

I guess it just comes down to personal preference and situational needs. . .not really a helpful answer, sorry, but an honest one, at least *s*

VS - 08.27.08