Friday, January 27, 2012

Rawhide Angel by Sayde Grace

Rawhide Angel
by Sayde Grace

With her father’s gambling debts about to ruin the family ranch, Saige Thomely is determined to do whatever or whomever it takes to cover the debts. Unfortunately for her, one man is a sure bet, the one cowboy she’s tried to ignore for six months. The same cowboy who makes her body and heart flame to life with each look. Saige is prepared to offer herself in exchange for the money to cover the debts, but what she’s not prepared for is losing her damaged heart to another cowboy.

Night after night, for half a year, Chet Haskins has dreamed of having the blonde and sexy as sin Saige Thomely in his bed, writhing under him. At long last his dreams might become reality, only Chet’s heart wants more than just a few nights of steamy sex. But will the ghost of past relationships come between them? Or can Chet show the passionate Saige he’s truly the one to save her ranch and her heart?

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Treat yourself this month!

What's an average day like for you? Chances are you wake early every morning, hustle your family out of bed, fix breakfast, see that the children get washed and dressed, look for lost library books, find matching socks, and get everyone out the door in time for school and work. Then you may need to get yourself to work and you already feel as though you've put in a full day!

Or maybe like me, you're helping to care for an elderly parent. If you were to knock at my door on a given morning, you'd likely still find me in PJs, hurrying to feed the cats, walk the dogs and get Mom ready for her Senior Day Program. We all have busy lives. We care for our family members because we love them. But let's remember to love ourselves, too!

January is "Love Yourself Month." It's often hard, between work and family obligations to find time for ourselves. And sometimes when we do find a bit of time, we feel guilty. But how can we take care of others if we don't take care of ourselves?

Try to do something special for yourself today, even if it's something small. Treat yourself. One of my favorite treats is losing myself in a good book. Preferably a romance! That's why I'm giving away a free copy of my first book "One Good Man" (an erotic romance) to a random commenter.

What's your favorite way to treat yourself? Please leave a comment and share! Thanks!

Nona Raines
Hot Contemporary Romance

"One Good Man":

Just one touch...that’s all Andie Benedetto wants when she glimpses her father’s sexy neighbor. Images of deep, long kisses and down and dirty sex heat up her fantasies. When he catches her watching him, she’s embarrassed but undeniably turned on.

Just one weekend...that’s all Matthew Vostek can offer Andie. He recognizes her shyness, but also senses her desire, the same desire he feels. Maybe they can fulfill each other’s hottest fantasies.

Just an adventure...that’s what Andie tells herself. Tired of playing the good girl, she’s ready to accept Matthew’s challenge and enjoy the most exciting sexual escapade of her life. But when the weekend is over, will Andie finally take what she wants instead of settling for second best?

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Friday, January 20, 2012

A Cat's Tale by Melissa Snark

A Cat's Tale
by Melissa Snark

Alpha werewolf, Jared Kohl, wakes up in a vampire’s dungeon, swearing revenge upon the wily Siamese werecat who lured him there with her sultry lips and the sweetest tail. To escape his undead captor, all he has to do is seduce the skittish puss and show her that trust is often a hot and hard lesson to learn.

Enslaved feline shifter, Josephine Young, has learned the hard way not to believe in anything or anyone—not men, not love, and certainly not the blood-sucking mistress who tossed her into the cage with the hungry beast she’d betrayed. But Josephine does what she must to survive, including tempting the dominant werewolf to give her more than promises.

Imprisoned for their blood, Jared and Josephine fight for survival and discover a passion that neither can walk away from. Can these two predators survive long enough to prove that cats and dogs can be more than enemies?

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Southern Seduction by Luna Zega

Southern Seduction
by Luna Zega

Ramona Squires fell in the love with Ross Spears the first day she saw him in the second grade. Twenty-two years later when his truck breaks down in front of her house, she discovers that her crush wasn't unrequited. Neither had the guts to reveal their true feelings when they were teenagers. After years of wild, erotic wet dreams, will reality live up to the fantasy? Or will it be better?

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year, New Possibilities

Last year saw the publication of 

Twice is Not Enough
After several disastrous engagements, Lady Minerva Peters is an expert at suppressing her own needs. Only in the darkness of night does she give in to her wanton desires with a fantasy lover. 

In the middle of a crowded ballroom, she learns her father is not yet ready to let her fade into spinsterhood. Humiliated, she ducks into a dark alcove only to find out she's not alone. Her hiding spot is occupied by a captivating stranger. Before she can escape, the two become voyeurs to another couple’s sexual rendezvous. The atmosphere heats up and so does her body, especially with the tempting offers whispered in her ear. 

Will Minerva deny her needs once again or will she embrace the anonymity of their seclusion and finally explore her basic impulses and the startling attraction to the compelling mystery man?

and Riding Rodeo.
The last person Amanda Goodson expected to walk into her bakery was Sean Cassidy, the bareback bronc rider who rode her hard one night and left without a good-bye the next day. Since then, she'd sworn off one-night stands and cowboys, but one look at the man she called Rodeo leaves her hankering for another ride. 

A nasty injury ended Sean's career and left him with nothing but time to contemplate past sins, especially the most damning one...walking out on Amanda, the one woman he couldn't forget. Eager to right the biggest mistake of his life, he finds Amanda--and learns he has competition. Never one to back down from a challenge, he offers to fulfill her darkest fantasy--taking two cowboys for a ride. 

When the dust settles, will Sean's plan to win Amanda's trust backfire or will she risk her heart for one more shot at Riding Rodeo?

I'm pleased to announce I'm nearing completion of a sequel to Twice. (It should be ready for submission by the end of the month.) So, stay-tuned for news. You can also check my blog at for updates on this and other titles in progress.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Boys of Summer - Special Call For Submissions

The Wilder Roses
Call For Submissions

Boys of Summer (Stories to Release May 2012 – Sept 2012)

The boys of summer are ready to turn up the heat. The Wild Rose Press is looking for your hottest m/m erotic stories from 5K to 20K for the Scarlet Rose line. Is your hero sweating on the ball field, ripping up the waves as he hang tens, or is he striker on the soccer field scoring more than goals? We want summer themed stories with hot men in hot situations. Bring the heat and bring the boys of summer.

If you are interested in writing for this series, please email a brief (two paragraph) synopsis of your story idea to We're looking for stories with strong summer elements and and those that relate to summer activities. In other words, lots of fun in the sun and hot sweaty/wet bodies.We want a variation on summer themes so this will be part of the consideration for stories selected for the series.

Deadline for submission is March 1, 2012.

If you have any questions, contact Diana at