Friday, November 26, 2010

Get in the holiday mood.

Jingle All the Way


Single mother Jenica Anderson keeps small town boys at bay and happy without effort but has no clue how to handle a blue-eyed stranger with a wolfish stare and sensual demands that break all her rules. She only knows that for at least one night, she’ll beg him for exactly what she wants for Christmas.

When a snow storm diverts his plane, Burk Teal lands in Keaton, ND and in the arms of a gorgeous redhead who offers him a glimpse of what home and hearth are all about. As she writhes beneath his hands, he finds precisely what he has been looking for in Santa’s frozen backyard.

Sparks fly immediately between these two, but can physical attraction survive harsh reality or will memories of hot sex and the sound of jingle bells fade to nothing more than a decadent episode that happened one Christmas?


He followed her into the kitchen. His broad shoulders and impressive height dominated the space. Refined cologne teased her nose, spicy and exotic. Did he sense that she wanted to do more than feed him? If she kissed him would he taste as good as he looked and smelled? He reached around her to set the empty mugs beside the sink and her bones melted a little. What would he do if she leaned against him and let his strength take her weight?

He shifted closer and sexy heat warmed the space around her. “I just realized I don’t know your name either. Jenny doesn’t seem to fit.”

She closed her eyes and absorbed his manliness. It had been too long since a man sparked her interest, but Burk’s presence radiated sensual heat and pure electricity. Her hands trembled as she fought the urge to turn into his arms. She set the dirty dishes in the sink and grabbed the faucet sprayer to rinse them hoping the mundane chore would distract from his inherent appeal. “My full name is Jenica.”

Strong arms circled her waist. He tugged her back flush to his chest and her legs weakened further. “Are you as hungry as I am, Jenica?”

That depends on what you’re hungry for. Liquid heat pooled between her legs at his touch. She had to be out of her mind. “I thought we were going to wash up first.”

He groaned and pressed closer. “I wasn’t talking about food.”

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Perfect Moments

The past two weeks have been full of rare and perfect moments. I resigned from a job I have grown to dislike though I promised to stick it out until Christmas. I was asked to help with a project that I think will not only be fun but also a challenge. I received a job offer from someone I respect a great deal. My TWRP editor likes my WIP. AND – I can’t emphasize this enough – Surrender at Sea received five cherries from Xeranthemum at The Long and Short of It – Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews.

The great rating earned Surrender at Sea a spot in the book of the week contest. To vote, click here or on the link below on Saturday, Nov 20 or Sunday, Nov 21. Read the review and if Surrender sounds like something you would enjoy, please vote for it. I would appreciate it more than I can express. It would put the whipped cream and cherry on top of the past couple of weeks and make this month even more special as we head into the holidays.

I wish everyone a lovely Thanksgiving and if you are going shopping - my you find the perfect Black Friday bargain.