Monday, August 25, 2008

It's All About Me

Who is Anita Philmar?

Good Question with no easy answer.

We are all unique in our own way. Yet, when you start telling others about who you are or what you're like, the descriptions all begin to sound the same.

I don't want to be the same. Wild and Crazy, meak and shy, at times we all have these characteristics, some of us more than others.

I'm a normal person with a husband, two kids, and two dogs. I love people and enjoy meeting new friends as well as old friends. I spend most of my time alone, because I chose to be a writer.

For some this would be the kiss of death, for me it's a joy because I can visit new worlds and go to exotic places. No rules, except the ones I create. Bad characters that my characters can slay. Situations that I control. Oh, but its great to be all powerful.

In my first erotica, I tried to put everything I enjoyed reading, a mystery with an off-world romance with lots of sex.

Hey, what more could a person want?

Happy with the results of Black Dragon's Blood, I couldn't leave the people with dragon blood alone and wrote two more books in the series.

I'm currently doing the edits for Black Dragon's Moon.

It should be out in the next couple of months.

As you can see authors fall in love with their characters as much as the readers do.

The last book in the series is Black Dragon's Heart. Don't know yet when that one will be showing up on the book shelves, but I think it's my favorite.

Now, you know for than you ever wanted to about me, but if you want to check out some of my favorite fantasies visit my blog -

Hope you have a wonderful day full of fun-loving sex.



Tessa Rae said...

Hi, Anita. Best of luck on your Black Dragon series. I have a black dragon in my short scarlet, Santa Knows I'm Naughty, but he runs on batteries!


Tessa Rae
Nice Girls Play Naughty!

Anonymous said...

i always loved dragons ever since i heard the story of st george and the dragon


KyAnn said...

Good Morning Anita,
I have a husband, two dogs and two boys too. :)
I absolutely LOVE your covers. I wish you much success with your upcoming release!

CrystalGB said...

Hi Anita. Your Black Dragon series sounds good. I love the covers.

C. A. Salo said...

Hi Anita,
It's great to get to know a little bit more about you, seeing as how I'm a new Scarlet Author.

I love dragons as well, best wishes with you edits.


Liza James said...

Sounds like a great series, Anita! And LOVE the cover! ;-)

Cathy said...

Well, I'm hooked, Anita. I just got thru reading the first chapter of Black Dragon Blood on your website, and added your book to my wish list. This sounds like a fantastic series.

danetteb said...

I love dragon shifters. Congrats on your series.

Hugs, Danette

Cherie J said...

Ooh! Sounds like a great series. I love dragon stories. Cool covers for your books!

Caffey said...

Hi Anita. Your dragon books look delicious! I love that they will be a series!! Writing these down!

Its true, we are alot alike. But we too have some priorities that are alike, like being a mom, a woman, and what we love to do, (me a reader).

Its a joy meeting you Anita!

TamiC said...

Anita your covers are very HOT HOT HOT! I love men with tattoos only thing that would make him hotter nipple piercings!

Anita Philmar said...

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments.

You guys are the best.