Friday, August 15, 2008

Putting Summer Olympics Non-Stop Watching to Good Use

Are you sleep deprived because you've been watching the Olympics for the past week until all hours of the night? Does your latest hero look remarkably like Michael Phelps or Kobe Bryant? (I've seen more of those two in the past week than I have in the past year!)

I am so there. I live in Georgia (the U.S. version, not the U.S.S.R.) and the Olympics begin here at about 8:00 pm. I've been watching until 12:00 midnight, sometimes 1:00 am, and I've got to be up by 6:00 am in the morning. So why is it that the Summer Olympics has such a draw for those of us who wouldn't be caught dead watching an entire table tennis tournament or canoeing on television?

Okay, so before I get slammed for belittling your favorite sport, here's the question for the day:

Give us your tip for putting the Summer Olympics watching to good use in your writing or reading, and be the lucky winner of a book download from The Wilder Roses of The Wild Rose Press!

(The racier, the better!)

Jennifer Haley, Editor
Scarlet Rose


nascarandbeans said...

Im afraid i dont watch them but cant wait to read all the fun suggestions..Jolene

Cherie J said...

I have been watching when I can as well. I love in Florida so I know what you mean about late nights. I am not a writer but as a reader I am inspired to want to read more romances with athletes in them. I can't imagine how many great authors are getting for stories. So many hunky guys to choose from to write a story based and readers like myself get to benefit.

danetteb said...

I've been only watching the mens swimming and the womens gymnastics. I wouldn't mind reading a story with an Olympic Swimmer whose a dolphin, shark or whale shifter.

Hugs, Danette

Jennifer Haley said...

Hi, Jolene,

So do you like racing stories? There may be a few in the hopper...Cherie, I'm like you. I love reading romances with athletes! And Olympic swimmer who's a that sounds hot!

Thanks, ladies, for your comments. So authors...we've heard from some readers...what about you?


TamiC said...

I have been recording them onto my DVR and watching them when I can. It is much better that way, you can fast forward!!