Friday, March 25, 2016

The Arrangement by Brandy Ayers

The Arrangement
by Brandy Ayers

The mind is a tricky thing. No one knows that better than Michelle O’Brian due to maladaptive daydreaming, an undiagnosed disorder that makes HER question the line between reality and fantasy. Forced to change careers after her goal of making a mark in the journalism world implodes, she finds herself unable to stop fantasizing about her new boss. And every other man she comes across.

Her uncontrollable daydreams are a problem at work. Not even an orgasm inducing visit to her sexy as hell friend, Russ Seko, can stem the need for her mind to wander. But as it becomes clear that Russ wants more, and her workplace flirting may not be all pretend, things get out of hand. Fast.

Caught between two men, trapped by her ambition, and fooled by her own mind, how can Michelle trust anything in her life when dreams seem so real?

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Kiltless In Carolina by Ashantay Peters

Kiltless In Carolina
Real Men Wear Kilts
by Ashantay Peters

Unable to say no to family, photographer Isla McAllister agrees to attend the Highland Games under one condition—no roughing it. She wants a comfy hotel room where she can escape her family’s matchmaking schemes and avoid her ex-fiancĂ©? Her plans go awry when she discovers her room has been given to a hot highlander with a smile that resurrects forgotten fantasies. Unfortunately, he's a kilt-wearing piper, just like her ex.

After a bad breakup, Graeme MacKay plans on getting laid during the Games. He's gone too long with his bagpipes as the only instrument getting any play. His number one criteria for the woman who’ll share his bed—she has to be a non-Scot. But when he clashes with a feisty MacAllister who claims he stole her room, he throws caution to the wind and offers to share his room…and his bed.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

On An Escort's Arm by Layla Chase

On An Escort's Arm
by Layla Chase

Kimbra Wilburt has devoted so much time and energy to her new matchmaking computer program that her social life has withered. Shuddering at the idea of arriving dateless at a business awards dinner, she hires a male escort. But the younger man at her door is sex-on-a-stick and awakens a hunger she hasn't fed in a long while.

While Dez Renato grows his house restoration business, he hires out as an escort to pay the bills. One look, and he knows exactly what strait-laced Kimbra needs and sets about relaxing her sexual inhibitions. But soon Dez has a tigress on his hands, and he can't help but wonder if he’s in too deep.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Only Forever by Sophia Ryan

Only Forever
by Sophia Ryan

From the moment American Sabrina Sullivan sets foot on the new dig site with her Irish archaeologist husband, a destructive brew of natural and supernatural forces conspires to break their bond. The most destructive force of all is the inexplicable sexual energy relentlessly pulsing between her and her new boss—her husband’s best friend—making her want things she shouldn’t. When her marriage begins to crack, Sabrina is faced with the most difficult choice of her life—reach across the chasm of mistakes to hold on to the man she loved enough to marry or forge a new life with the man who has been hers forever.

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