Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Easy A by Ella Grant

Easy A
by Ella Grant

A passing grade is not the only reward...

College playboy Fraser Tillman is spoiled and rich, but his father has laid down the law. Pass all his classes or else. The moment he sets eyes on his sexy new tutor, he has just one goal—get her naked and in his bed. She has a different goal—get him to ace literature. Passing is enough...until she makes him an offer he can't refuse.

Literature major Nicole Eckels has perfect grades and has no intention of letting her undeniable attraction to the gorgeous frat boy stand in her way of a perfect record. A little extra motivation is all he needs, and she has the most delicious way to get them both what they want. If he raises his grades, she'll give him what he desires—mind-blowing sex, just for fun, no strings attached.

But when the semester ends and grades are in, both realize they've failed…at keeping things simple.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Mr. A by Juliet Chastain

Mr. A
Kink, Inc.
by Juliet Chastain

A short, hot, bedtime read with a lot of dominance, some ménage, and a little spanking—all in a moving vehicle!

The inexperienced Miss V joins the mysterious and demanding Mr. A for a steamy fling. She’s prepared to acquiesce to his every request, but she’s shocked when things get down and dirty with a side of kink. Will this be Miss V’s last job with Kink Inc., or will she leave her vanilla life behind forever?

Kink Inc. Series: When the fabulously wealthy want to go wild, Kink Inc. sends Miss V to help them realize their deepest, most secret fantasies.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Angel's Collar by Anna Hague

Angel's Collar
Love Strictly Tested Book One
by Anna Hague

I have it all...until he shows me more.

I didn’t intentionally spill wine all over the most beautiful guy in the room, and one look at those icy-blue eyes brings on a major lapse in coherent speech. Jordan Caldera tells me his secret and wants me to join him. This is where my journey into submission begins.

So much about BDSM freaks me out, but at the same time, I can’t help but be intrigued. When I imagine Jordan doing those things to me, I can’t resist the adventure. Mind-blowing sex aside, my life is changing at an alarming rate and getting very complicated. Between balancing my career and my best friend's concerns, the secrets I'm keeping are killing me.

What am I willing to risk for the new lifestyle I've embraced...and the man I love?

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Unlocking Love by Anya Sharpe

Unlocking Love
Hearts on the Line Book One
by Anya Sharpe

With her love on the line, only he has the key to unlock her heart...

NYC advertising executive Erynne Sommers thinks she has a fairy tale marriage. Then she discovers her husband’s sordid betrayal and learns the shocking truth about his past, thanks to the return of his former BDSM lover. As her once-perfect world crashes down around her, a series of dreams lead her from a pit of despair into the arms—and bed—of the man who unlocks her love.

Evan Giamatti didn’t mean to fall in love with his happily married coworker. That’s not his style. But, when her life falls apart, staying in the friend zone isn’t easy. Determined to be the compassionate friend she needs while she picks up the pieces of her fractured heart, he fights his own growing desire. Intent on convincing her to take a chance on a future with him, Evan prays her ability to trust and love again isn’t irrevocably shattered.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

What Wouldn't I Do by Allie Fisher

What Wouldn't I Do
I Do Book Two
by Allie Fisher

My name is Alana Reed Master...

Doting wife and stay at home mom, that’s what I was, desperately in love with my husband, a man whose bedroom eyes matched his bedroom expertise. A single mom when we met, I fell hard and never looked back until the day he asked me for a legal separation. He won’t stop at divorce. He wants my girls, my home, and my life. And Dane Masters always gets what he wants.

I never expected a man like Sam Kealoha to enter my life. Recovering from his own heartbreak, he's got the body of a Polynesian God and a primal protectiveness that is sexy as hell. He's the man of my dreams, but I can’t keep him. Now I’m forced to make choices that betray my heart while contemplating something I never thought I would do—get rid of my husband.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Music to His Ears by Allie Standifer

Music to His Ears
by Allie Standifer

Willow Madison is country music’s reigning princess, but she’s handing in her crown. Tired of all work and no play, Willow retires from singing for her supper. The first thing on her To-Do list is an old high school crush, Deacon Travers. He never saw beyond her crooked teeth and frizzy hair, but hopefully, she’ll make it past the friend zone and into the erogenous one.

Deacon's out of the Navy and ready to start the rest of his life. Only he needs to get a few things off his chest, like being in love with America’s sweetheart. Even if Willow remembers her old high school pal, does he stand a chance of stealing her heart?

Having a past doesn’t promise they’ll have a future. But judging by their shared passion, the chances are good.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hunted by Angels by R. A. Boyd

Hunted by Angels
Line of Lilith
by R. A. Boyd

Two sex demons walk into a church and get married in the sight of God, surrounded by their friends and family. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke? Not so much.

All Perrian “Perry” Haines wants is to marry the man of her dreams—more like nightmares—and be left alone, but when Samael, a psychotic archangel, is out to murder her and all her kind, it puts a damper on her not so happily ever after. Submitting to Samael almost seems safer than her new husband, the seductive sex-demon O’Neil Haines, whose secrets hold the key to her survival and her humanity.

Instant snark-filled sparks fly as Perry and Haines discover the origins of her birth and the real reason Samael wants to end her destiny. What a way to start a honeymoon!

This book was previously self-published by the author and has been lightly edited.