Friday, November 10, 2017

Cowboy with a Bite by Juliet Chastain

Cowboy with a Bite
by Juliet Chastain

One bad hand of cards has stranded Eliza Dunbro on a failing ranch in the middle of nowhere. She’d do anything to get back to the city, even seduce the handsome, pale stranger who rides into town. He’s sexy and rich—a perfect combination—but there’s something more about him that calls to her and make her think that sticking around might not be so bad.

It’s been hundreds of years since anything or anyone has caught Daniel Hastings’ interest. The vampire doesn’t expect much in the two-bit dusty town he’s passing through to change that…until he sets eyes on the sassy, stubborn Eliza. A moonlit picnic is tossed aside for more carnal delights, and though he should be doing the enthralling, he finds himself caught in a spell of lust that Eliza weaves. Daniel finds himself afraid of cravings of a different kind...ones he can’t have.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Mr. OH by Vonnie Davis

Mr. OH
Billionaire Doms
by Vonnie Davis

He doesn't do emotions...She's all about them.

Dental hygienist by day and a tattoo artist by night, Jazmine "Jazz" Archer is known for her penchant for flair and her sassy attitude. She estimates her wealth by her beloved family and friends. When a cancelled flight leaves her stuck at a hotel with a super-stuffy but outrageously gorgeous businessman who threatens her with a spanking, she's surprised to realize the submissive she suppressed so long ago is begging her to take him up on his offer.

Self-made billionaire Blake O’Hearn is as conservative as they come. He sure as hell shouldn't be attracted to the flamboyant female with voluptuous curves and curls that dance when she talks. But behind her bold manner lies a submissive crying for attention, and the Dom in him aches to give it to her. The only thing he can't give her is love.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Dragon's Bride by Darah Lace

Dragon's Bride
Monster Ball
by Darah Lace

As the only eligible female dragon of child bearing age, Cerya Vasiliev is promised by the elders to a man she doesn’t love. To make things worse, she’s fast approaching her time for breeding. Her only hope is to escape during the Monster Ball. But when plans go awry, she’s reluctantly rescued by the only man who makes her heart ache and her pulse race.

Talon Alexeev gave up his right to claim Cerya as his mate upon learning of her engagement to his cousin, the leader of the Drakur, a man he admires and respects. He’s managed to keep his distance and built a wall around his heart. But when he discovers the intoxicating female in the early stages of mating heat in a ballroom full of eager males, both monster and human, he jumps without thought to protect her.

Hiding in close quarters from the males in pursuit, Talon’s dragon must resist Cerya’s call to mate or risk betrayal of kin and kingdom.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Wicked Dance by Olivia Boothe

Wicked Dance
Chronicles of a Dancing Heart
by Olivia Boothe

Former dance student Sara Hart had aspired to grace the stage on Broadway, but a reckless decision forced her to renounce that dream. Years later, while struggling with an ungratifying job and an even more unsatisfying love life, she literally stumbles upon a dangerously sexy stranger who sends her heart—and her body—into hyperdrive. His touch makes her feel alive again and sparks a desire to rebuild her dance career. But Sara is still haunted by the demons of her past. One dark lie could cost her everything.

Real estate mogul Tom Wright caters to the rich and famous. He lives the life of the perfect bachelor, partying hard and dating the most beautiful women in Manhattan. But he has one golden rule—no commitments. Ever. Then he meets sexy Sara Hart, and something about her makes him want to throw the damn rule book out the window. Every time she’s near, the blood in his veins pulses with a raging fire he can’t contain. But Tom’s shadowed history is resurfacing, unearthing ghosts he’d rather remain buried.

Will this wicked dance be their last?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Lovers by Midnight by Ashantay Peters

Lovers by Midnight
Monster Ball
by Ashantay Peters

Hexed by two witches in 1805, the ghostly Lt. Jonathan Tempest has been celibate for over two hundred years. To break the curse, he must attend the coveted Monster Ball and seduce his reincarnated fiancée by midnight or suffer a grim fate. But these witches don’t play fair, and with a mumbled incantation, his odds of making a connection plummet. He now resembles a human frog. Good thing costumes are encouraged.

Bethany Julian isn’t looking for a happily ever after with a prince. All she wants is a one-night stand at the Monster Ball. Sick of being mistreated by handsome men, she chooses a man who is kind rather than hot. But there’s more to the lieutenant than meets the eye, and she finds herself swept off her feet—and into his arms.

Chased by security and demons and threatened by witches, Tempest and Beth are on the run as the clock ticks. Only time will tell if their physical attraction can break the curse forever...

Friday, October 20, 2017

Passion Unscripted by Anya Sharpe

Passion Unscripted
by Anya Sharpe

A celebrity playboy looking for love...

Carson Wells’ heart closed up shop six years ago when his fiancée ran off with his rock-star best friend. Since then, the dancer-actor has turned his back on serious relationships, seeking no-strings, down-and-dirty sex with a laundry list of hot women. But lately, a growing loneliness tugs at his gut...along with an unrelenting desire for his co-star. When he finally acts on their smoldering mutual attraction, there’s no turning back. He’s hooked.

A sassy screen star putting her heart on the line...

Having spent years guarding her scarred heart, Lara Kincaid is totally out of her depth with the fiery attraction to her playboy leading man. His history with women is a deep well, and her insecurities and secrets run even deeper. Even so, something about the man tugs at her heart and soul. Carson’s sex appeal and charming persuasion have cast a spell on her, but their pasts threaten to unravel that magic. She’s dipped a toe in the water—should she dive right in, she just might drown.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lone Wolf's Surrender by Bliss Brant

Lone Wolf's Surrender
Monster Ball
by Bliss Brant

Thirteen years ago, Priscilla accepted Quinn’s marriage proposal and sealed the sacred promise with a kiss. Four hours later, knowing he'd never forgive her, she walked away to save his life. Now she’s desperate for his help and will do anything to gain his trust. Even if it means giving him her body. After all, he still has her heart.

Lone Wolf Quinn Messala has no intention of attending the Monster Ball, but the invitation he receives is hexed by magic and transports him to the center of a crowded ballroom…naked and surrounded by the familiar scent of the woman who once ripped out his heart. One look at Priss and his wolf wants to claim her once more. He'll take what she offers, but this time, he'll be the one to walk away.