Monday, January 14, 2019

Enticing the Boss by Lily Bly

Enticing the Boss
Passion's Price
by Lily Bly

Jean Price has loved her boss for the last six years. Unfortunately, he's been engaged to her treacherous stepsister. When the wedding is called off and a project puts Jean in close proximity with the sexy CEO, she jumps at the opportunity to show him how she truly feels. It's time to start enticing the boss.

David Shep is finally seeing his father's protégé for the stunning woman she truly is—in the office and in his bed. But when her support is conspicuously absent when he needs her most, he can't help but wonder if he can trust her with his heart.

Monday, January 7, 2019

No Easy Way Out by Ella Grant

No Easy Way Out
by Ella Grant

Nicole Eckels has a perfect life. Her GPA is excellent. She has a job waiting for her once she graduates. On top of that, she's dating the sexiest guy on campus, Fraser Tillman. All she has to worry about is satisfying the dean's expectations, meeting her boyfriend's father, and hoping her escapades with Fraser aren't loud enough to disturb her best friend and roommate, Genna. It seems like nothing can go wrong. But she knows better than anyone—perfect never lasts forever.

When Dean of Students Lenora Peltin is murdered, Nicole quickly becomes the prime suspect. If she, Genna, and Fraser can't figure out who actually murdered Ms. Peltin, Nicole's perfect life—and future—will be over.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Pillow Talk by Misté Rayne

Pillow Talk
Chez Luxxe
by Misté Rayne

Stuck in a job with no time for a social life, Jessica Blythe finds excitement in an Internet chatroom with an imaginative stranger. She wishes her online fantasies could one day become reality, but because of distance and his desire for anonymity, that dream can never come true.

Mitchell Tyler is at the height of his career, traveling the world for work. His only downtime is spent online with a sexy cyber lover. Her steamy sexting keeps him coming back for more and craving the physical touch he will never experience...or will he?

When Mitch's job brings him to Jessica's city for a weekend seminar, they make plans to meet at Chez Luxxe. Will the heat of their online chat fizzle out, or will it lead to sizzling hot pillow talk?

Monday, December 10, 2018

Meant to Be by Sophia Ryan

Meant to Be
by Sophia Ryan

Claire Corbie has only one thing on her summer to-do list—seduce best friend Noah Wolf before she leaves for college. One little problem… Her bold move could end her most important relationship.

Noah and Claire have been stuck in the friend zone for years, and he's itching to change that before she leaves. Revealing his true feelings is a risk, but for a chance to be her lover, it's one he's determined to take.

Whether they end the summer as friends or lovers depends on what they're willing to give—and give up.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Southern Rose by Lily Bly

Southern Rose
Gown & Dagger Seductions
by Lily Bly

Rose O'Conner is a Confederate spy trapped among Union officers as the Civil War ends. When a Yankee from her past learns her secret, what is she willing to do to make him keep it?

Over the past year, Captain Grant Franks has searched for the alluring woman who stole his heart. When he learns she is a spy, will his dedication to the Union hold up against his desire for his Southern Rose?

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Secrets of the East Wing by Gina Hollands

Secrets of the East Wing
by Gina Hollands

To the outside world, Countess Molly Bucklington has the perfect life. She lives in a beautiful English manor house as the wife to a handsome young earl. What nobody knows is that Molly agreed to a life of chastity within a marriage of convenience. In return for providing a façade for her husband's deviant sex life, she is able to live at Croft Hall, among the countryside and the horses she adores.

Earl James Bucklington loves his wife, albeit in a platonic way. He only asks that she never enter the East Wing. She obeys, until one day temptation gets the better of her and she witnesses what really goes on in her husband's private quarters. Her initial shock soon gives way to curiosity, followed by the realization that she faces either losing the man she loves or becoming his wildest fantasy.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Through the Red Door by Sadira Stone

Through the Red Door
The Book Nirvana Series
by Sadira Stone

Clara Martelli clings to Book Nirvana, the Oregon bookshop she and her late husband Jared built together. When rising rents and corporate competition threaten its survival, her best hope is their extensive erotica collection, locked behind a red door. In dreams and signs, her dead husband tells her it's time to open that door and move on. When a dark and handsome stranger's powerful magnetism jolts her back to life and he wants a look at the treasures of that secret room, she can't help but want to show him more.

Professor Nick Papadopoulos is looking for historical erotica. Book Nirvana's collection surpasses his wildest dreams, and so does its lovely owner. A widower, he understands Clara's battle with guilt, but their searing chemistry is too strong to resist. Besides, he will only be in town for two weeks, not long enough for her to see beyond the scandal that haunts his past.