Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good Morning

Welcome to my day to blog for the Sultry Scarlet Nights!
Here's a little bit about myself:
I have lived my entire life in the Salt Lake City Valley, where my husband and I have raised a family of six children, three of mine and three of his, a regular Brady Bunch. One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my six grandchildren.
I'm a member of the Romance Writers of America and several sister chapters. I served as 2006-2007 Vice-President. Though I love romance, writing suspense is my favorite. I would love the opportunity to attend ThrillerFest.
My husband and I love traveling, our favorites are the Caribbean for relaxation and Italy for the wine. Our experiences have given me valuable insight for her stories.
I have a spicy hot story coming this fall, Enchanted Dreams from The Wilder Roses I'm very excited, I had a blast writing something so different.
Here's a blurb:
According to the Runes, whimsical Wiccan shop owner Cassandra Ballard must wait for her soul mate—she’ll know him when he enters her life. However, recent erotic fantasies and dreams have left her wanting and frustrated.
Sexy handy man, Dylan McCabe, bears a striking resemblance to the man in Cassie's dreams. Every time he enters her shop, her heart beats to the drum of a ritual older than time.
With the arrival of Samhain drawing near, will Cassie resist Dylan’s persistent advances or can he possibly be the man of her Enchanted Dreams?
Unedited Excerpt:
Cassandra opened the car door and tossed in her purse. Before she could climb behind the wheel, a hand clamped over her mouth. Her knees went weak. This was New York and it was dark. Her pepper spray now lay on the passenger side floor, out of reach.
“Trust me?” The whispered words sent a delicious tremor down her body. She knew that voice. Jed Gallivan, CEO of Cosmo Engineering. She tried to turn, his grip although iron, was gentle and prevented it.
“Trust me?” He repeated.
A shiver ran down Cassandra’s spine, her pussy instantly started to throb at the memory of his magic fingers in the elevator. Whatever game he played the tremor of nerves caused her to nod her head. He nibbled a little on her neck turning her knees to jelly, then whispered, “don’t turn around I’m going to walk you to the other side of the car.”
Letting him direct her she kept her eyes straight ahead, he had finally moved his hand from her mouth. He took the key from her hand and reached around her.
“Stand still.” He spoke so quiet she barely heard the words.
Not moving, as directed, the sense of adventure caused her mouth to go dry. What would he do next? He placed a red silken scarf around her eyes and tied it at the back of her neck. She wouldn’t be seeing after all, but feeling could be so much better.
He put a hand on top of her head and gently helped her bend into the car. The procedure was something she’d seen on CSI when the cops put their prisoners in the back seat. Without the scarf of course.
He closed her door, a few seconds later, the car dipped as he slipped into the drivers seat.
“Where…” Cassandra began.
“Shh… No words, only feeling and sensation from now on.” He followed his own instructions.
The engine purred to life, the motion of the car vibrated through her body. Her heart pumped as her thoughts turned to the fact she didn’t really know him. Instead of frightening her, as it should, her excitement heightened. She closed her eyes behind the scarf and tilted her head back on the seat.
Warm fingers came to rest on her bare knee—with the temperatures of summer she’d foregone nylons, even though it was against the firm’s policy to go bare legged. The electricity started at her toes as his hand inched up her thigh and traveled toward her already sopping pussy. His thumb started to nudge her panties away from her throbbing clit. Anticipation caused her to suck in her breath, but the exquisite torture stopped. Disappointment flooded through her, she sighed in protest, and he shushed her.
Her body dipped as the car turn, revealing why he had needed his hand. Expecting him to start where he had stopped she was dismayed when he stopped the car, and then climbed out. She could do nothing but wait.
Several minutes passed, she contemplated removing the blindfold, and then the door opened. Again, she felt the gentle pressure of his hand on her head, and his other grasped her elbow to guide her. He still hadn’t uttered a word. He led her somewhere, she could smell the tang of autumn in the air, but it didn’t give her any clues to where they were.
Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Psst... Anyone who leaves a comment please email me at mary @ mary martinez.com (No spaces) to get your name into a drawing for a $5.00 Gift Certificate from The Wilder Roses. (Remember there has to be a comment here on the blog to be eligible.)
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Lara Dien said...

This sounds great! I'm a big fan of soul mate/fate/lust (love) at first sight...both in stories and in 'real' life.

Of course, then there are those times when you want to yell at the runes "best two out of three"....

Looking forward to the story.


Laura K said...

Love this cover, Mary, and the idea of the book!

Mary said...

Thank you both! I'm looking forward to everyone's reaction, since this is something so new to me. As far as the writing erotic, not the runes, and samhain and such.

TamiC said...

Great excerpt!!

Marianne Arkins said...

Oh man, oh man... this sounds amazing! And I love your cover.


Devon Gray said...

Here's a story, about a lovely lady... Loved the Brady Bunch.

Your excerpt sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing a little about yourself and your wonderful writing.


DawnM said...

That's a very dreamy cover you've got, fits in well. Loved the excerpt, I like little dream fantasy trips in a book.

Helen Hardt said...

Beautiful cover, Mary! And the story sounds intriguing. I love that it centers around Samhain. Can't wait to read it!

CrystalGB said...

Sounds like a great book. Loved the excerpt. :)

Pam P said...

I like these fantasy stories with dream lovers, Mary, good excerpt.

Kaye Manro said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for sharing the excerpt. Sounds like a story I want to finish reading... beautiful cover too.

Lara Dien said...

BTW, have I mentioned that my birthday is on Samhain? The commonly used date (that's Halloween to you non-gaelic speakers LOL) .... it's my absolute favorite holiday....

Although Beltane's nice too (even if I've never spent it like Eden's characters....) ... then there's midsummer...and...

Samhain's still my favorite...

danetteb said...

Hi Mary,

Sweet excerpt. I like the literal man of her dreams, it sounds like a fun story.

Hugs, Danette

Caffey said...

Hi Mary! This sounds so good! Fantasy romances are exciting to read, this one too sounds unique and thanks for the peek (excerpt)!

Mary said...

Thanks for All the comments. And I've asked for everyone to email me when the commented, not everyone did, so I will put everyone's name in the drawing and post it on a comment, if you happen to be someone who did not email.

BTW, Lara D. Samhain/Halloween is my favorite Holiday also, and my friend was born that day, her 40th b-day is this year and we're doing a surprise party for her, should be fun!

Thanks everyone for participating!

kimmyl said...

krymvxogThe cover is great and the story sounds even better. I would love to read this one.

Mary said...

Thank you everyone for participating yesterday.

And the winner of my contest is...


Thank you!

TamiC said...

Hooray for me!!! Thanks Mary