Saturday, August 9, 2008

Good Morning everyone,

So you make the plan. Blankets, chips...gum, a splash of perfume an easy access bra and loose flowing skirt. If you're going for a home run, you want to make rounding the bases easy. lol and no, we aren't talking baseball but yep, the dying art of Drive-in Movie Theater makeout.

A warm summer night, the bed of a pick-up, and a movie I didn't really want to see or one I've already seen so I don't care that I'm missing most of it. If it's a double feature all the better. Strong hands on my quivering flesh and deep, wet kisses sending a tingle through my system and curling my toes.

I happen to be lucky enough to live a couple miles from one of the last drive in theaters. In their height of popularity in the 1950's there were nearly 4000 drive in theaters in the US. now there are approx 430. (the first opened in 1933)

So do you have a drive-in movie theater near you? And have you ever had a romantic night in the giant parking lot with rowdy teenagers in the nearby trucks? (okay, most of my experiences were from when I was one of those rowdy teenagers. And I think the toe curling was from the steel bed of the truck digging into my back. lol. they're fond memories anyway.)


DawnM said...

No drive theatres in the UK ( that I know of anyway ), so looks like I missed out on some fun. Although the back seats at the cinemas used to be quite popular

Karen H in NC said...

As did balconies in the neighborhood theater. My mother never let me go to a drive-in theater with a boy...too much opportunity for too much hanky-panky!

No drive-ins around where I live now, but in my hometown/home state, there is a 'Miracle Twin' drive-in...2 screens! While some multi-screen complexes have closed, the Miracle Twin has remained open with a healthy business. Glad to see they are still around for the next generation!

Laura K said...

All the drive-in movie theaters around me in Chicago have dried up, I'm afraid. I remember seeing "Grease" and "The Apple Dumpling Gang" as a child that way. Nothing beats that feeling of going there. Never had the "romantic" moment going with a guy to the theater because they were gone by the time I hit my teen years!

I think we're missing a bit of Americana when they went, IMHO.

Helen Hardt said...

My most vivid--and only, how pathetic is that?--drive-in experience was in high school with my friend, Steve. Yes, he was just a friend, no toe curling involved, LOL. We saw a double feature: Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine. Now I'm really showing my age.

The last drive-in in Denver just closed this year. Kind of sad... Not just because of the nostalgia, but because I'll never have a hot night there with my handsome hubby!

Kaye Manro said...

The drive-in theatre scene sounds like a good idea for vintage story... think how romantic and sexy. Not many drive-in theatres left, I guess.

CrystalGB said...

We had one until a few years ago. I loved going. It was a lot of fun.

Cherie J said...

No drive in movies near us. Unfortunately, I missed out on the experience.

Pam P said...

We had such fun at our drive-in by the beach as kids, it was a big treat going dressed in our PJ's. Then lots more fun as teens, necking and all, lol. Though you had to be careful if one of your relatives happened to come the some night and park near you - I remember a few people speeding off when spied, taking those speakers hanging on the windows with them, lol. I think we do have one farther up our state still, but a bit far to drive to on the spur of the moment.

danetteb said...

My family went to the drive in many times when I was growing up. I think they closed our drive in when I was in middle school though,so I didn't get to experience a date a the drive in.

I do remember a family member tell me that she had a blind double date at the drive in. She said that her date turned out not her type, so she told them she was going to get popcorn and left. ( I thought that was hilarious :D )

Hugs, Danette