Friday, July 31, 2015

Last Enchantment by L.M. Connolly

Last Enchantment
Agents of CAT
by L.M. Connolly

An agent for CAT, the Central Agency for Talents, Tegan Gibbs was a powerful sorcerer until she was attacked and her virginity stolen along with her powers. Now she’s a normal human being with a thirst for revenge. To discover and capture her attackers, she must work with the Earl of Derrington, the only man to ever stir the desires she so carefully kept tucked away. But he’s an ancient vampire, and while once his equal, she now has nothing. Or so she thinks.

Oliver Derrington aches to bring Tegan back to life and into his bed. What starts as a rescue quickly turns into a passionate affair. They set fire to the night, but with the differences between them, Oliver fears his time with Tegan is limited. Yet, he’ll fight to protect her—and to keep her.

Danger threatens from an unexpected quarter, and if they don’t stop those responsible for stealing power from other Talents, they won’t have a future—together or apart.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Taken By Storm by LJ Vickery

Taken By Storm
by LJ Vickery

Anshar is god of the sky...but he’s also something much more dangerous. Terrified for the safety of the woman he would call his own, he denies his attraction to keep her safe and the monster inside him at bay. A battle is coming between the gods of the Blue Hills and the puritans who would destroy his kind before the gods can find their Chosen—mortals who are not just mates but can make the gods corporal again.

Lenore Crest is drawn to the taciturn god against her better judgment and in spite of the hateful lessons she’d always been taught about his kind by the leader of a secret Puritan society. But opening her heart to Anshar would be a betrayal to her people, and loving him could reveal terrible secrets from her past.

Can their relationship survive in spite of his secrets and her misplaced allegiances?

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer Heat by M.M. Bordeaux

Summer Heat
by M.M. Bordeaux

Nicole Holland is definitely in a slump—life, love, sex—but the answer to spicing things up and boosting her self-esteem may be a girls-only weekend at a forest lake with her BFFs. With the city heat and an abusive ex-boyfriend in the rearview mirror, Nicole discovers her inhibitions—and bikini—quickly stripped away by the hot male specimens in the cabin next door. How’s a girl to choose?

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Friday, July 10, 2015

To-Do Him List by Denise Marie

To-Do Him List
Lipstick Diaries
by Denise Marie

With her life expectancy most likely measured in weeks, Isabelle Chambers jettisons her risk-free, missionary-position life for a to-do list that is short on dull and long on passion.

Cole Davies may be living his dream as lead singer for Scandals complete with fame, fortune, and unlimited female attention, but life still feels incomplete. So when Isabelle takes her list viral on Twitter he can’t resist her appeal.

From flying to bondage and touring with the band to getting it on in public, Isabelle’s To-Do Him List turns them both inside out.  Then things get hotter than either planned and they both need to decide what they’ll risk for love.

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