Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ask Ima: An Interview w/Scarlet Rose Editors

I thought today might be a good day to introduce everyone to our Scarlet Rose editors. We have a lot of fun because as you might imagine we enjoy the subject matter of our work. ;)

The best way to introduce you is to point you toward the article for this month's Ask Ima article. Ask Ima can be found "In the Garden" on our website.

Truth be told, I didn't think anything could rattle Ima, but I'm pretty sure I saw her blush a few times during the interview.

Don't forget to post today for a chance to win a free download of In Reference To... by Savannah Jordan. And pop over to the Wilder Roses loop for a chance to win Layover by Tia Dani.

And have a great Saturday!



Brooke Blackwell said...

Great interview--lots of information for aspiring writers.

DawnM said...

Interesting. Especially the section on the menage. Seems a different take on it to other publishers.

Michelle said...

Wonderful. I love this. You are 'growing' on me.

TamiC said...

I just fuond out about you on this blog, so now I am going to have to go check out some of your work. Thanks for the interview.

Caffey said...

Loved the questions too! As a reader, had me learning alot of what I didn't know and all that goes into getting these books out! Many thanks!

Amy S. said...

Great interview!

Diana said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the interview!

Please stay tuned for more fun and prizes!