Friday, July 27, 2012

Hot Properties by Kelli Zel

Hot Properties
by Kelli Zel

Preston Moore was Rose Juan's biggest regret. A year ago they shared a toe curling kiss but they never closed the deal. When Rose runs into Preston at an open house, she's tempted to show him her own hot properties. Or will Preston make an offer of his own?

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Served by Maxine Mansfield

by Maxine Mansfield

Beach volleyball player Sam Waterson knows he made a mistake--a really big one--three years ago when paparazzi interrupted his jubilant celebration with sexy Carlos Delacruz, the love of Sam's life, and with their ménage partner Drew Eversly...and Sam blamed the public exposure on the wrong man. But fate has given him a second chance to prove his prowess on the sun-baked beach volleyball court and at loving the sensual man who has unknowingly held his heart. Can he--or Carlos or Drew--win a spot on the team? But even beyond sweating it out on the court and regaining the spot they had to forfeit three years ago, can Sam win back Carlos's heart? Sam needs to show Carlos that he can spike and score where it counts...between the sheets.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Dane's Restraint by J.J. Ranger

Dane's Restraint
by J.J. Ranger

With parents who own a Vegas strip club, elementary school teacher Sara Piermont has always steered clear of kinky. Now she's ready to sow her own wild oats and give in to the sexual fantasies taunting her. Her cousin's bachelorette weekend at an all-inclusive dude ranch seems the perfect place to let her hair down. And Dane Dumen is the rugged cowboy she has set her sights on for a weekend of uninhibited passion.

Dane loves to walk on the wild side, and sexy Sarah is the perfect muse for a fantasy weekend filled with restraints and other naughty things. Though he's never stepped over the line between a fling and commitment, Sarah proves to be a lure he can't resist. Dane quickly finds he's playing with fire and has to decide...rein in his heart or risk a permanent brand.

Book Four of the Dume Ranch Series

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Release Day is Like My Birthday!

For an author, book release day is like a birthday party with friends and family to help celebrate and a big chocolate cake and ice cream to enjoy guilt-free. The thing that makes a release day better than a birthday is that I don't gain another year on my age!

Today's the release day of Turn Up the Heat, and I'm having a blast announcing it on guest blogs and social networks. This is my third book with The Wild Rose Press, and I couldn't be happier to be one of the authors in the garden. My editors, Trish and Diana, are amazing, and have guided my writing and taught me more than I could have ever learned on my own. Thank you!

Diana also created this beautiful cover for me. I loved the picture the moment I saw it. It truly captures the mood of the book.

Here's a sexy excerpt for you. Enjoy!

Mackenzie looked at Gina out of the corner of her eye. Such an amazingly beautiful woman. What would it be like to make love to her?

Not just beautiful, but sexy and passionate. Mackenzie desperately wanted to give in to the temptation to let Gina teach her about sex with another woman. This time, her mouth watered thinking about licking Gina’s nipples, sucking and nibbling them. What would they taste like?

The taste of that pink flesh between her legs. Was it salty like her own? Or would it taste different, maybe sweet, the way Gina’s mouth tasted.

Gina tipped her head. “Beautiful girl, don’t look at me that way if you’re not going to let me kiss you again.”

Mackenzie blinked and glanced away. Caught fantasizing about eating Gina’s pussy, her own lips swelled and creamed. “Bottom’s up,” Mackenzie said, and downed her shot. She made the mistake of looking at her friend.

Gina’s eyes sparkled as she took her shot. She licked her lips, slowly, deliberately, as if she could read Mackenzie’s mind. “Again?” Gina asked, holding up the bottle.

Mackenzie shook her head, her eyes watering from the burn of the liquor in her throat. She would be hideously sorry in the morning if she did another one. “No. I’m done.”

Gina asked, “You don’t mind if I take one more?”

“Of course not.”

Gina drank her second shot and pushed away the bottle. “Okay,” she choked. “That’s all the punishment I can take.” Gina rearranged the pillows and lay back.

“Punishment?” She lay on her side next to Gina, watching her expression.

“For my stupidity. I knew better than to hope he’d change.”

“Not your fault.” She laid back, her hands under her head. The fire burned slowly thanks to the oak, and they watched the flames for a few minutes. Mackenzie asked, “Are you doing all right?”

“Yeah.” She groaned. “I’m such a fool. I knew he wasn’t in my league, but I jumped in anyway thinking I might be good enough—”

“Stop that.” Mackenzie turned her head and glared at her. “You’re so fucking far above his league, it’s pathetic.” She took Gina’s hand. “Just because he’s famous doesn’t make him worth more than any other cheating jerk.”

Gina’s eyebrows shot up and she giggled. “You know, I always felt flattered that he wanted me. I felt…grateful.”

“Gina. What he did was his problem, not yours. Don’t drag yourself down.” The liquor crept up and grabbed her while she lay there. A surge of defensive affection filled her. “When I look at you, I see an amazing woman. Not just on the outside, but deep inside, where it counts.”

Throwing her head back, Gina moaned, “But I’m so gullible.” Her eyes filled, and when she blinked, tears rolled down her temples to her earlobes.

Mackenzie leaned over her. “No you’re not. You’re a woman who feels things passionately.” Impetuously, she tipped her head and kissed Gina’s earlobe. “Mmm. Salty. I wish I could…” Gina’s vulnerability touched her, made her protective. She wanted to kiss away all her tears. Looking into her eyes, she whispered, “Gina.”

Gina turned slowly, closing in on her.

A liquor fog blurred all Mackenzie’s inhibitions. A sexual awakening made her daring.

Gina’s lips touched hers tentatively.

Mackenzie opened her mouth and touched their joined lips with her tongue.

Gina didn’t waste a second. She rolled half onto her, kissing her with unleashed passion.

Every nerve in her body sang, and she responded to Gina with a desire and intensity she hadn’t thought she could ever feel.

The kiss turned teasing and Gina sucked Mackenzie’s tongue into her mouth, lightly scraping her teeth along the tip. Circling it with her tongue in a move so erotic, Mackenzie had to have more.

They pulled apart for a second. Gina stared down at her, eyes darkened by passion, her breath panting in and out quickly.

Mackenzie made a decision. She reached up and touched Gina’s breast.

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Turn Up the Heat is available at The Wild Rose Press' Wilder Roses

Thanks, and have a great weekend!
Randi "Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied"

Turn Up The Heat by Randi Alexander

Turn Up The Heat
by Randi Alexander

Mackenzie Jarvis has never slept with a woman. So why has she fallen madly in lust with Gina Volto, host of the reality cooking show Mackenzie is competing in? Mackenzie's wild desire to live out her fantasy battles with her conservative Wyoming values. Then Gina pours on the seduction, Mackenzie runs--home to her ranch, her horses, and her busy career as the owner and chef of a restaurant. But Gina shows up at her ranch in a snowstorm, and Mackenzie allows herself one weekend of  forbidden, kinky pleasure.

When Gina admits she wants more than just a few days, can Mackenzie ignore her upbringing  and her plans for a traditional life with a husband and  children? Or will she give in and turn up the heat?

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