Friday, March 11, 2016

On An Escort's Arm by Layla Chase

On An Escort's Arm
by Layla Chase

Kimbra Wilburt has devoted so much time and energy to her new matchmaking computer program that her social life has withered. Shuddering at the idea of arriving dateless at a business awards dinner, she hires a male escort. But the younger man at her door is sex-on-a-stick and awakens a hunger she hasn't fed in a long while.

While Dez Renato grows his house restoration business, he hires out as an escort to pay the bills. One look, and he knows exactly what strait-laced Kimbra needs and sets about relaxing her sexual inhibitions. But soon Dez has a tigress on his hands, and he can't help but wonder if he’s in too deep.

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