Friday, July 6, 2012

Turn Up The Heat by Randi Alexander

Turn Up The Heat
by Randi Alexander

Mackenzie Jarvis has never slept with a woman. So why has she fallen madly in lust with Gina Volto, host of the reality cooking show Mackenzie is competing in? Mackenzie's wild desire to live out her fantasy battles with her conservative Wyoming values. Then Gina pours on the seduction, Mackenzie runs--home to her ranch, her horses, and her busy career as the owner and chef of a restaurant. But Gina shows up at her ranch in a snowstorm, and Mackenzie allows herself one weekend of  forbidden, kinky pleasure.

When Gina admits she wants more than just a few days, can Mackenzie ignore her upbringing  and her plans for a traditional life with a husband and  children? Or will she give in and turn up the heat?

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