Monday, January 23, 2012

Treat yourself this month!

What's an average day like for you? Chances are you wake early every morning, hustle your family out of bed, fix breakfast, see that the children get washed and dressed, look for lost library books, find matching socks, and get everyone out the door in time for school and work. Then you may need to get yourself to work and you already feel as though you've put in a full day!

Or maybe like me, you're helping to care for an elderly parent. If you were to knock at my door on a given morning, you'd likely still find me in PJs, hurrying to feed the cats, walk the dogs and get Mom ready for her Senior Day Program. We all have busy lives. We care for our family members because we love them. But let's remember to love ourselves, too!

January is "Love Yourself Month." It's often hard, between work and family obligations to find time for ourselves. And sometimes when we do find a bit of time, we feel guilty. But how can we take care of others if we don't take care of ourselves?

Try to do something special for yourself today, even if it's something small. Treat yourself. One of my favorite treats is losing myself in a good book. Preferably a romance! That's why I'm giving away a free copy of my first book "One Good Man" (an erotic romance) to a random commenter.

What's your favorite way to treat yourself? Please leave a comment and share! Thanks!

Nona Raines
Hot Contemporary Romance

"One Good Man":

Just one touch...that’s all Andie Benedetto wants when she glimpses her father’s sexy neighbor. Images of deep, long kisses and down and dirty sex heat up her fantasies. When he catches her watching him, she’s embarrassed but undeniably turned on.

Just one weekend...that’s all Matthew Vostek can offer Andie. He recognizes her shyness, but also senses her desire, the same desire he feels. Maybe they can fulfill each other’s hottest fantasies.

Just an adventure...that’s what Andie tells herself. Tired of playing the good girl, she’s ready to accept Matthew’s challenge and enjoy the most exciting sexual escapade of her life. But when the weekend is over, will Andie finally take what she wants instead of settling for second best?

For an excerpt and more information, click here.

To purchase "One Good Man", click here.


Kellie Kamryn said...

Great advice!

Char said...

Great blog and advice, Nona. I also immerse myself in reading as a way to treat myself. My very favorite of all is to take my Kindle outside in the summer, and read while sunning myself. In the winter, I just cuddle up with coffee and a comforter, and of course my Kindle!

Have a lovely week -


Nona Raines said...

Hi Kellie and Char,

Thanks for stopping by. I just got a Kindle myself, and look forward to using it. It will certainly save some room on my bookshelf1 My problem is I still have too many books in my (digital) TBR pile!

Amanda Holly said...

My favourite way to unwind is to get in a hot bath with a glass of wine! I'm still too scared I'll drop my Sony eReader in the bath so I stick to a good oldfashioned paperback!

Nona Raines said...

Hi Amanda! Thanks for your comment! A nice relaxing soak in the bath is always great. The wine is a plus!

Sometimes hiding out in the bathroom is the only way to insure a little private time1 LOL!

Nona Raines said...

Dear Kellie, Char and Amanda--
Since you three friends were kind enough to respond to my first giveaway blog I am going to give all three of you a free copy of "One Good Man"! I think I know how to contact Kellie and Char--Amanda, could you send me an email at nona (at) nonaraines dot com so I can get your email address?

I hope you all enjoy the book!

Jason Barret said...

Hi Nona,
I stopped by a couple of days ago and left a message but I had a feeling I messed up my post and sure enough I did! Anyway, I liked your blog and the good advice on taking csare of ourselves. Have fun with the release of One Good man and congratulations!!