Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Well Do You Know the Wilder Rose Authors?

For those of you that hangout on the wilder rose yahoo group where author tells readers about themselves.

Here is a little quiz.

We have ladies with birthdays in all most every month of the year, but can you tell me who was a born on

1. Tax day - April 15? Marie Tuhart

2. Halloween - Oct. 31? Lara Dien

3. What important person with WRP was born on June 5? Diana

4. Who's favorite state is - her home state of Noo Yawk!" "nona_raines"

5. Who's job has been worked for the past 20 years as a Respiratory Therapist? Kat

6. Who post sex men on Mondays – Man Candy? Jennifer Jakes

7. Who was just interviewed by USA today? Desire Holt

8. What’s my latest release? “Texas Passion “

9. Who just stumbled across this 5 Cup review from CBLS Reviews? Rachel Leigh

10. Who’s book trailer AFTER MIDNIGHT is the October 2011 Second Place Winner at You Gotta Read Videos? Sarah Grimm.

Post your answers in comments and see how well you know The Wilder Rose authors.

Winner with four correct answers. -  Nona.

And of the questions you answer you were a 100% correct.

Thanks for playing along,

Anita Philmar

1 comment:

Nona Raines said...

Well, looks like I am the first--I'll give it a go! I don't know too many answers so I'm going to "cheat" and look up some more answers later! *evil laugh*

#3. Wild Rose Diana.

#4. Maybe me? I'm a Noo Yawker!

#6. Jennifer Jakes

#7. Desiree Holt

I'm embarrassed I only know four answers. Who else will chime in?