Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I have to say I love Thanksgiving. Family, food and football, what more could anyone ask for?

Now for a number of years, you would have found me in the kitchen, cooking turkey, dressing and mash potatoes--no pies. Never cared much for the crust and my family didn't like them much either so I didn't make them. I enjoyed instead making divinity and fudge. Wish I could tell you I had a secret recipe but I used the fudge recipe on the back of the marshmallow creme jar. The divinity, I use the recipe in my microwave book, easier than having to stand over it and stir continuously. ( I have tried putting different flavorings in the mix and like to add crush peppermint candy to the recipe.)

This year, my husband and I are celebrating the holiday alone. My boys are staying at college and coming home in a few weeks for Christmas. The question we've been asking ourselves for a number of days now is what do we want to eat for Thanksgiving. 

Turkey? No, too much.(We'd be eating turkey for weeks.)
Seafood, steak, prime rib? No, not really sticking with the season.
So what did we decide on? Cornish Hen
We each get a little bird of our own without the huge leftover fest later.
A small box of dressing, gravy, rolls and a dessert.
Simple but not a lot of work.

Now, time for football and calls to family.

A great holiday to relax and enjoy the man I love - what could be better?

Hope you have a great day too,

Anita Philmar
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