Friday, April 2, 2010

The Perfect Hero

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The perfect hero.

If I were to create the perfect hero, I’d model him after actor Gerard Butler. I’d need to call him something else, obviously, which is fine by me as I’ve never been a fan of the name “Gerard.” I like the last name though. His first name would be something with hard consonants like Colton or Jake or Mick. I’ll go with JAKE BUTLER.

Jake grew up in Scotland, and has a dual citizenship with the U.S., so he travels back and forth often. He was raised by a single mom with two older siblings. As the youngest child, Jake grew up getting what he wanted when he wanted it. That hasn’t changed. He still gets what he wants when he wants it. Including women.

Jake is a smart guy. In fact, in law school he was president of the school’s law society due to his intelligence, social skills and charm. He used his smarts and charm to work his way up the ladder in his law firm.

Jake’s not only smart, rich and successful, he’s also a nice guy. Once when hiking along the banks of a river, he heard the shouts of a woman nearby whose son was flailing in the water. Without a thought to his own safety, Jake dove in and saved the boy from certain drowning.

From the outside looking in, Jake seems to have it all. His life appears "egg"ceptional. But inside, something’s missing. He decides to take a leave of absence, sell his high-rise penthouse and travel the world for that elusive missing something.

What kind of woman could be the missing link in this hero’s life?

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Savanna Kougar said...

Love that last pic... yum!

Anonymous said...

Love GB... he's also a great actor LMAO

Anonymous said...

After a storm comes a calm. ....................................................

Becca Dale said...

Becca, was the question about the perfect match for this hero rhetorical or did you want an answer? If rhetorical, ignore the rest of this. ;-D
Jake sounds perfect - strong, capable, intelligent, but he also sounds like he works too hard or did until his leave of absence. Even his fun is rigorous. Maybe he needs someone who can get him to relax and laugh or even read a book for pure entertainment. Someone who can appreciate a moment for what it is without needing to capture it or categorize it.