Thursday, February 21, 2008

Foods that make you....hungry

Here are some of our favorite foods. What would you do with....

Whipped cream
Chocolate sauce
Chocolate covered strawberries
Chocolate, period!
oysters on the half-shell
asparagus (the thick ones...) :O

What is your favorite food? And I'd like my meal on him...of course since he's tied up, I'll have to feed him too.


Lynne Logan said...

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. On the body and off. I like messy, but I think asparagus isn’t something I’d want on my body or my partner’s. But then I might not be as creative as some!

Diana said...

Lynne, just make sure you warm up the chocolate. Don't squirt it from the bottle fresh out of the fridge. (wink)

Lynne Logan said...

Now wouldn't that be a turn off! :)

Diana said...

LOL only for a moment. "Things" would heat back up pretty quickly.