Monday, February 18, 2008

Editors in the Hot Seat

Welcome to the week where the editors of the Scarlet Rose are in the Hot Seat. We've asked them for their pet peeves, favorite plot themes, and lots of other questions. We've put together some lists.

To start the week, we wondered where the best places to do it are. Here are a few of our favorites, tell us some of yours. Where is your ideal location?

Up against the wall
Kitchen table
Bathroom counter
Hot tub
Office Desk
In front of a mirror
On horseback
On the balcony in the shadows with a party going on inside
The shower
Private whirlpool tub
On your deck looking out at a Roman sunset
On the beach at night, under a beach umbrella
At the drive-in movie (okay, so I'm dating myself...)
In an airplane (as long as it's not the pilot)
On his office desk with people waiting in the reception area outside
In the back seat of a full-sized car
In the bed of a pick-up truck with plenty of padding (do you see a pattern here?)

I love reading about outdoor 'adventures.' The thought that someone might catch them, plus the fresh air and sunshine (or shade, or moonlight.) It's incredibly romantic

On a large, sun-heated flat rock at the top of a mountain. Affords a nice view during sex.

Or is there somewhere more dangerous you'd risk getting caught for the delicious thrill of an orgasm?

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Lara Dien said...

Take Two:

Fortunetelling tent at a ren faire.


(if this posts twice, blame Mercury or Google ....)