Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yesterday a friend and I were discussing wines for Valentine's Day. Rosés (they're pink? Me, I'd rather have a Sin Zin ...), Champagnes (of course!) -- and I suggested Chablis, for the perfectly reasonable reason that it traditionally goes with oysters (so does Champagne, but I was looking for variety, which we all know is the spice of love).
Of course, some of them also go very well with things like strawberries (also a great Champagne food), chocolate (a great anything food) ...
Turns out that lots of spices are aphrodisiacs as well -- cinnamon, saffron (the essential oil of saffron is said to promote extended orgasms) and coriander among them.
And then there's whipped cream. Which has this reputation of being more interesting in the bedroom than you'd think (like some people). I mean, really, it's the grown-up version of something our mothers told us was good for us and would make us strong (there is no grown-up version of spinach, though). But where does this reputation come from? It's not the taste (you could add cocoa or cinnamon -- I don't recommend adding oysters). Is it the texture? Maybe ... is it the stickiness? Or maybe it's what you can do with it (sort of like body paints). Whipped cream does have the remarkable ability to ... but see, then it's just for the excuse of licking it off.
Any favorites? Any unusual edibles we ought to know about?


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Betty Hanawa said...

Pink roses??? Naw, pink roses are for friendship, sweetness. Deep red roses for passion!!! Actually, I'm just a sucker for flowers of any kind.

I'm not really into foods in the "playroom." Kind of messy. But a lovely dinner, with wine or a couple of drinks and I'm happy, very happy to make him happy, too.