Sunday, January 20, 2008

In the Hot Seat - Interview with L. Rosario

We'd like to welcome L. Rosario this week to the Wilder Roses loop.
She's agreed to put herself on the hot seat. She'll be popping in and out this week if you have any questions for her. I'm especially grateful this morning that she's joined me for an interview. (You know, because of her proclivity for nighttime activities.) L. was one of the first authors in the Scarlet Rose and she has the only full length novel, Captive Fantasy. Also available are Captive Valentine, Blood Ritual and Bound by Blood. And her newest, Exiled.

Good Morning L.
It is morning, isn't it? Could you close those drapes? Thank you

Yes of course. (crosses room and closes drapes) Can I offer you a cup of coffee, tea…blood?

Tea is fine for now, we'll save the blood for later ;)

So long as it isn't mine. (laughs nervously) I want to thank you for spending the morning with me. Ignore the strong scent of garlic, it's not you. I promise. It's …um…yes, I've had a cold.

Ah, I see. Actually garlic doesn't hurt vampires, aside from the noxious smell, that is, so I hope it helps your cold ;)

Oh, (good thing I've remember to bathe in blessed water) So L., tell us what you find sexy about vampires?

hmmm....where do I start? I find it incredibly sexy that they need blood to survive, that a mortal gives them life. Add to that the feel of their teeth on your neck or wrist or thigh....the suction of their mouth as they take your blood...their eternal devotion when they find the love they've been searching for...goodness! What isn't sexy about vampires??

Hmm, yes I see your point. Well, two points, actually, slipping out from beneath your lip. Are you okay L.? Perhaps we should discuss your new release in the garden, tell us about Exiled and what you hope readers will enjoy about it.

Exiled is the story that almost wasn't but I'm awfully glad I have it out there now.
Nadia, the heroine, was first introduced briefly in Blood Ritual. She made her presence known by protesting what was going on in that story. I knew then I had to see her again, she was just too strong to ignore. She showed up again in Captive Fantasy, again a small role, but she was there and speaking to me. I wanted to tell her story more than ever after that, how she loved a man she could never have and whether or not she was as strong as I thought she was.
So I had her exiled from the safety of her coven and tossed her out into a world she hadn't been a part of for 100 years.
I'm thrilled to say, she turned out to be as strong as I had hoped and she didn't crack under the pressure, though finding a sexy hero to feed from might have helped ;)
As for what I want readers to take away from Exiled? Of course I want them to fall in love with Nadia and Daniel and I want this story to pull them just a little deeper into my world of vampires so they crave more!!!

Who is your favorite character in the book and why?

I cannot possibly choose!! I try to write main characters that become a part of me and all the secondary characters are just as special, too. Even the bad guys, or the not so nice guys, are dear to me.

Yes, I too find I love the villain just a little more than I should. What would you say are the three main ingredients for an erotic romance hero?

Well he has to be sexy!!
But maybe that's too obvious...let's see...I like my heroes to be confident but not arrogant, witty and a little sly and hungry for love!!
What would you say is your most erotic work to date?

Maybe Captive Fantasy, but again, hard question to answer because each story is different and has its own element of eroticism. Heck, they are all HOT!

When not writing, how do you relax?
Anyone who really knows me is laughing at this question ;)
But seriously, I read, listen to music, meditate, do yoga....anything AWAY from the computer!

Where can we find out more about you? (this is for website, blog, and myspace links.)
I'm all over the Internet LOL - (feel free to friend me!!)

Thank you for sitting in the hot seat at the Wilder Roses.

No, thank you!! I had how about that blood? ;)

Absolutely. Any blood type preference?

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