Friday, October 17, 2014

Untamed Heat by Tarah Scott

Untamed Heat
by Tarah Scott 

He thinks she’s a high-priced call girl. She thinks he’s a womanizer.

Liz Williams intends to put a stop to her daughter's affair with archeology professor, Anthony Hawkins. But she’s unprepared for the sexy as hell, thirty-two year old Native American, who denies any involvement with her daughter and makes her pulse race.

Hawk is sure the beautiful brunette in the back of his class isn’t there to hear his lecture. Mature, confident, and looking at him with those bedroom eyes, she’s just his type. Too late he realizes she’s trouble. And he's got more than his share of that.

But when a crooked land developer's threats include Liz, the protector in Hawk takes over and together they face danger and a night of untamed heat in the desert.

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