Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Aloha From Hawaii! by Lelani Black

Visiting the islands anytime soon? Bring lots of sunblock, and your joyful spirit of Aloha! It means Hello, and Goodbye…Here are a few interesting Hawaiian island facts...Movies/television series filmed in Hawaii or in a Hawaiian setting:Princess Kai’ulani, Lilo and Stitch, LOST, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Hawaii Five-0 (current series, ages ago the original show starred Jack Lord), Jurassic Park, Pearl Harbor (Ben Afflect, Kate Beckinsale, Josh Hartnett), Honeymoon in Vegas, Magnum PI
These are the magnificent koi fish at the world-class shopping mall of Ala Moana Center, in Honolulu.Did you know...There are eight islands in the Hawaiian chain of islands. The Big Island of Hawaii boasts an active volcano, and snow capped mountaintops, coffee from the Kona region, and an island winery. Everyone is a minority in Hawaii, with many residents being of mixed race. The rainiest place on earth is on the island of Kauai. Hawaii doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time. Hawaii is the only state in the union that was an independent monarch state—the only state that possessed its own Hawaiian sovereignty until the monarchy was overthrown by a small, but powerful group of businessmen. In 1993, President Clinton signed a Congressional resolution in which the US government apologized to the Native Hawaiian people for its conspiracy, and role, in the illegal overthrow of the lawful island kingdom. Iolani Palace, located in downtown Honolulu, is the only royal palace in the United States. Hawaii has cowboys!! Called paniolos, many are descendants of Mexican vaqueros invited to the islands to help Hawaiians manage cowherds that were running wild in the countryside. And now I give to you...Diamond Head!

* Lelani Black is a multi-published author of Erotic Romance. She was born and raised in the tropics and spent many lazy days on island beaches. She can be found in the midnight hour in front of her computer spinning spicy stories that require romantic backdrops and sexy heroes and heroines. Find her stories here at the Wilder Roses and visit her at her website. http://www.lelaniblack.com

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