Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What is YOUR fantasy?

The most recent question I've been asked is "Why do you write about BDSM?" It's often accompanied by a strange look, a grimace, a curling of the lips and a wrinkling of the nose. Why on Earth would a normal person like me write about depraved acts of sexuality?

Simple. All aspects of BDSM fascinate the hell out of me. From Dominance/submission, to controlled orgasms, and whips and chains. The whole nine yards. For me it's a fantasy. It's THE ultimate fantasy. You know the one I'm talking about, the one that curls your toes and sends your hormones into overdrive. There is just something intensely wicked and erotic about kneeling at your Dom's feet and placing total trust in that person. Because that is what BDSM is all about - trust. Mutual trust. You can have the power exchange, but that comes at a price if you don't trust the person you are with.

Now don't get me wrong. There are some extreme aspects of the 'extreme' lifestyle that even I'm turned off by, but for me, the fantasy of submission is a potent one.

So my question to you is: what's YOUR fantasy? :)

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Lara Dien said...

Interesting. BDSM is one of those areas of life that I sort of understand intellectually, but with no attraction to it (as a lifestyle or an experiment) I can't say I understand it. And I CAN say it's NOT my ultimate fantasy. I'm enough of a control freak to not want to give it up completely, and not enough of one to secretly want to cave ...

But I don't mind reading it LOL (there are some great D/S stories by Wilder authors).

My ultimate fantasy (I think? "ultimate" is such a strong word ....) is somewhat wrapped up in a romantic fantasy (don't tell anyone, but I'm a romantic at heart). It's the stranger-you-can't-resist, or the friend-turned-unexpectedly lover. Fortunately, it also lends itself to role-playing games within a committed relationship :-) (I say fortunately, because, romantic that I am, I think I would find it difficult to actually act out (very often, anyway LOL)). Night Ride (by ... oh, bother. Desiree Holt? I hope!) fits that (I loved that story) motif. Where Lily, the heroine, is willing to trust her desires and her instincts, despite the mysterious circumstances ... I tend to be the skeptical sort, so I think that's why this is such the "ultimate" fantasy ...